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Court-annexed mediation service launched in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Global Market Courts, ADGM Courts, have announced the launch of their court-annexed mediation service to better serve the increasing demand for mediation solutions and services for ADGM entities and litigants before ADGM Courts.

This new service is designed to ensure that litigants and the ADGM community can explore and achieve a settlement of their disputes by accessing alternative dispute resolution options with internationally accredited mediators from ADGM Courts.

Following extensive consultation with the legal profession, this new mediation initiative by ADGM Courts has been established to address a pressing need for a world-class framework that serves as an alternative dispute resolution option to court proceedings and arbitration.

The ADGM court-annexed mediation service will assist parties in negotiating settlements of disputes before an independent and impartial mediator in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. The service is now available and is free of charge.

The Chief Justice of ADGM Courts, David Hope, said, “The introduction of mediation services by ADGM Courts signals a significant step in the development and advancement of the alternative dispute resolution offering in ADGM. Mediation has gained its rightful place as an effective means of resolving disputes outside the scope of judicial proceedings.”

“In response to an increasing demand for and the growing appeal of mediation, the Courts have delivered this framework necessary for the settlement of disputes that will help to preserve commercial, business and personal relationships. This initiative adds to ADGM’s recognition as a respected and well-regarded regional and international destination for dispute resolution,” he explained.

In an efficient, party-controlled, confidential and non-adversarial process, the court-annexed mediation service can be deployed to resolve all types of disputes with the aim of preserving key business, personal and commercial relationships.

The process is both without prejudice and confidential, which means that any information and documents disclosed during the process cannot be used against the disclosing party or compromise the position of either party in the event that court proceedings or an arbitration continue or are subsequently commenced.

Source: WAM

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