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Conflict between Abbas and Palestinian NGOs re Israel’s Crimes

 By Jasmin Rasheed —

Exclusive to THE LEVANT NEWS — Palestinian well informed sources say that on Aug. 26 the Palestinian civilian organizations intend to submit an independent report on the violation of the international law by Israel to the office of the ICC Prosecutor, Mrs. Fatou Bensouda. This report is being submitted following bitter disagreements between the heads of the civilian organizations, one of them being Shawan Jabarin, General Director of the al Haq organization, and PA elements.

The sources noted that the heads of the Palestinian civilian organizations, al Haq, al Mezan, and al Dameer, have recently expressed their distrust of the policy dictated by the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, concerning the ICC and dissatisfaction with the reports recently submitted to the ICC following Abbas’ directive.

On June 25 the PA officially submitted to the ICC dossiers on the crimes of the settlements in the West Bank and the recent violence of the Occupation against Gaza.

In addition, on Aug. 3 the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Riyad al Maliki, met the ICC Prosecutor and handed her another memorandum about the terrorist acts of the settlers and the burning of the Dawabshe family house. On this occasion, he called on the ICC to investigate these crimes.

According to the sources, the heads of the civilian organizations say that the PA reports are lacking in detail and professional analysis. They say that the report submitted on June 25 compromises the Palestinian interest since for the first time, this report reveals to the ICC information that damages the Hamas movement which is struggling against the Zionist Occupation.

Therefore, the representatives of the civilian organizations decided to submit a separate report from the one submitted by the PA. This report will include evidence and a serious legal analysis. The sources revealed that the report was due to be submitted on June 25, on the same date the PA report was submitted; yet, following disagreements among the heads of the civilian organizations about the content of the report, they have not completed the report on time and it will be presented soon in the Hague.

The sources also said that it is not clear whether the PCHR, headed by Raji Sourani, will participate in the submission.

Yet, all of the elements involved in the submission of the report wish that the prosecutor, Mrs. Fatou Bensouda, will promptly complete the Preliminary Examination and proceed with an investigation on specific Israeli individuals involved in the illegal events.


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