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Chinese jihadis’ rise in Syria raises concerns at home

BEIRUT (AP) — Many don’t speak Arabic and their role in Syria is little known to the outside world, but the Chinese fighters of the Turkistan Islamic Party in Syria are organized, battled-hardened and have been instrumental in ground offensives against President Bashar Assad’s forces in the country’s northern regions. …

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First Job Interview: 10 Things You Should Know

Finding and applying for the job might be easy with many job search websites, but when it’s time to face your very first interview, the thought wil probably scare the living daylights out of you (or at the very least, intimidate you). Everyone has to face their very first interview. …

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Three more F-35 fighter jets touch down in Israel

The Levant news – Three F-35 stealth fighter jets touched down at the Nevatim Air Force base in southern Israel on Sunday, joining the two that arrived late last year. In total, Israel has agreed to purchase 50 of the fifth generation stealth aircraft, known in Israel as the “Adir,” …

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“American War”— An Apocalyptic Novel of Our Times

by Graham E. Fuller — It’s hard these days to avoid glimmers of an apocalyptic future, domestic and international, breaking into our daily consciousness. President Trump represents its most obvious face today, but its roots go back at least to a blinkered American triumphalism emerging from the fall of the …

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Dubai to go paperless in 4 years

DUBAI — All Dubai Government departments will cease to use paper in four years as part of efforts to curb waste, the Crown Prince has said. The emirate will celebrate the last paper transaction by government in 2021 – a highly ambitious target for officials. The initiative was launched by …

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Chemical weapons experts in Turkey to investigate

By Anthony Deutsch | AMSTERDAM — Global chemical weapons investigators have gone to Turkey to collect samples as part of an inquiry into an alleged chemical weapons attack in neighbouring Syria last week that killed 87 people. The fact-finding mission was sent by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical …

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  By Sobhi Ghandour — It is difficult to predict what the president of the world’s greatest nation will do when he has no previous political or governing experience and when he is known for his changing points of view and his reliance on the logic of business elites and deal-making …

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Trump aide Gorka drew Libya partition plan on napkin

A top security adviser in the Trump administration reportedly pushed for the territorial division of Libya earlier this year, drawing a partition plan on the back of a napkin while meeting a senior European official. Sebastian Gorka suggested partitioning the country weeks before Donald Trump’s inauguration in January, The Guardian reported. The …

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How do we recognize the Arab Identity

By Sadek Jawad Sulaiman — The Arabs are defined by their culture, not by race; and their culture is defined by its essential twin constituents of Arabism and Islam. To most of the Arabs, Islam is their indigenous religion; to all of the Arabs, Islam is their indigenous civilization. The …

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