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Educating Lebanon’s oil and gas generation

by Roudi Baroudi   It is now a very safe bet that the seabed off Lebanon’s coast and onshore Lebanon contains enormous amounts of oil and gas, and sound management of this resource could power a new era of unprecedented socioeconomic development. It’s not just scientific studies of our own …

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UN votes to keep peacekeeping force in Lebanon

The UN Security Council voted unanimously Thursday to renew for another year the mandate of the UN peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon. The measure backing the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) calls on the Lebanese government to boost its naval capabilities, with the ultimate aim of drawing down …

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OPINION: What the Swiss can offer Lebanon

By Ghassan Michel Rubeiz East Meredith, New York   This week a Swiss delegation led by President Alain Berset is visiting Lebanon to strengthen “bilateral relations”. The team is also discussing the pressing issue of the Syrian refugees. Lebanon hosts the largest refugee population in the world, per capita; and …

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UAE imposes economic sanctions on senior leadership of Hezbollah

UAE has imposed economic sanctions against 10 leaders of Lebanon’s Hezbollah which are on its terrorism list including Hassan Nasrallah and his deputy Naim Qassem. The move comes in line with significant actions taken by the seven members of the Terrorist Financing and Targeting Center (TFTC) to disrupt Iran’s destabilising influence in the …

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Beirut Arab University (BAU) Signs a Partnership with Cambridge Assessment English to Adopt Cambridge English Qualifications

Students at Beirut Arab University (BAU) will now be able to gain prestigious Cambridge English certificates, thanks to a new agreement. BAU will be formally recognizing Cambridge English Qualifications, in addition to working with Cambridge English on several research and leadership programs. Students will be encouraged to prepare for Cambridge …

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US hits Hezbollah with new sanctions

Taking aim at Iran’s global footprint, the Trump administration on Friday hit six people and seven businesses linked to Hezbollah with terror sanctions, calling it “the first wave” in a pressure campaign that will escalate throughout the year. The sanctions aim to squeeze Hezbollah financier Adham Tabaja, who is already …

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