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Philippine embassy in Kuwait helps workers run away

Kuwait has protested to the Philippines following “serious offences” that included conducting operations to whisk domestic workers away from their employers’ homes in diplomatic vans. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it summoned on Friday the Philippines ambassador to Kuwait and handed him two protest notes. A spokesperson for the …

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Iraq restarts war reparations to Kuwait

Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain has been dead for more than a decade but Kuwait is still receiving reparations for his 1990 invasion, with the latest tranche of $90 million (Dh330 million) approved on Friday. The payment was the first authorised by the United Nations Compensation Commission since 2014 when there …

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Turkish president calls snap polls in June

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday called early presidential and parliamentary elections for June, a move that will usher in a new political system increasing the powers of the president earlier than scheduled. Erdogan announced, following a meeting with Devlet Bahceli, the leader of Turkey’s main nationalist party, that elections originally scheduled for November 2019 will now …

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Cybercriminals shift to coinmining as a new revenue source

Cybercriminals are rapidly adding cryptojacking as a new avenue to increase its revenue stream and initiate attacks as the ransomware market becomes overpriced and overcrowded, an industry expert said. Haider Pasha, chief technology officer for emerging markets at Symantec Middle East, told Gulf News that browser-based cryptocurrency mining, also known …

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Flexing your Intellectual Muscles: Indo-Pacific Conflict Scenarios, in Fact and Fiction!

By Emad El-Din Aysha, PhD*   Attended a very interesting lecture the other day with a deceptively simple title: “The Dynamics of the Indo-Pacific Region: The Challenges and Opportunities for Japan”, by Professor Satoru Mori from the Hosei University in Tokyo, Japan. (Faculty of Law, Department of Global Politics; little …

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Oman focuses on sustainable tourism

With key tourism projects and infrastructure development, Oman’s Ministry of Tourism (MoT) is making significant efforts to enhance the country’s offerings in the sector while emphasising on sustainable development. As a signatory to the United Nations Agenda 2030 for sustainable tourism development, Oman has adopted several measures to enhance tourism …

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