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Can a Horror Be an Evilma?

By Gouthama Siddarthan* —     Speculative fiction has, of late, been catching up in the world of writing which is highly enamoured of it.  But there is a great danger of this fascination falling into the groove of popular legal thriller. The danger bristles with the risky possibility of …

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Why Did the Muslim Brotherhood Fail?

By Dr. Haytham Mouzahem — First appeared on al-Mesbar Studies and Research Centre — The “Arab Spring” revolutions lent an unprecedented opportunity for the Muslim Brotherhood movement to emerge from secrecy and take political power, whether by ballot or by bullet, in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and elsewhere. Indeed, the Brotherhood …

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BOOK REVIEW – ‘Tower of the Stork’ by Dima Al Samman

Reviewed by: Wasan Abu-Baker*   Dima Al Samman, is a contemporary Jerusalemite Palestinian novelist. She was born and raised in ancient Jerusalem and earned her bachelor’s degree in linguistics from Birzeit University.  She received a High Diploma in Television Direction and is currently the Director General of the Palestinian Ministry …

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BOOK REVIEW – Jerusalem Stands Alone

Jerusalem Stands Alone. Written by: Mahmoud Shukair. Reviewed by: Wasan Abu Baker. Mahmoud Shukair is a Palestinian author, born in Jabal Mukaber, Jerusalem in 1941. He has written short stories and novels for adults and teenagers.  His work has focused on the Palestinian cause, especially Jerusalem.  Mr. Shukair has authored …

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The Israeli Labor Party 1968-1999 – Book Review

“The Israeli Labor Party 1968-1999” (In Arabic) By Dr. Haytham A. Mouzahem – Reviewed by Professor Adham Saouli — In this book, Dr. Haytham.A. Mouzahem sheds light on the historical, ideological, political,organizational, and electoral features of the Israeli Labor Party. Divided into three parts and an introduction, the study’s first …

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ISIS: The marketing of Apocalypse.. A short review

THE LEVANT NEWS — Author: Bruno Ballardini Title: ISIS:The marketing of Apocalypse Publisher: Baldini & Castoldi, Milano, Italy   Since June 2014, our talk shows have concerned nothing but lone wolves slaughtering the heart of Europe and the videos of the brutal executions carried out in Middle East by IS’s militants. The Western …

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