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SANA wins AMAN award for best news item

The Levant News — The Alliance for Mediterranean News Agencies (AMAN) officially announced the winners of its competition for best news item and best photograph, with the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) winning first place for best news item.

Director-General of SANA Ahmad Dawa received the award certificates for the editors who worked on the item; editor and translator Rasha Milhem who wrote and edited the item in English, and Imad Deghli who provided the rough draft in Arabic.

AMAN meeting

AMAN Secretary General George Penintaex praised the editing and writing of the item, while Dawa voiced happiness over SANA receiving the award, saying that this achievement is one small reflections of the achievements being made by Syria and Syrian mass media despite all the terrorist attacks that target Syrian journalists, noting that 8 members of SANA’s editorial staff have been killed by terrorist attacks.

Dawa went on to say that despite terrorism and the propaganda targeting Syria, Syrian mass media managed to achieve great strides and foil many propaganda campaigns orchestrated by malicious media outlets that are deeply involved in the terrorist war against Syria.

Source: SANA

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