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ِAbdelNasser (2nd from right) welcomes at the military airoport militaire on April 2, 1962 the leaders of the Algrrians FLN Ahmed Ben Bella (Right), Hocine Ait Ahmed (3rd from right)

Algeria: opposition figure Hussein Ait-Ahmed dies


THE LEVANT NEWS — ALGIERS: Hocine Ait-Ahmed, one of the fathers of Algeria’s struggle for independence from France and then a longtime opposition figure, died in Lausanne, Switzerland Wednesday, his Socialist Forces Front party said.

Ait-Ahmed, 89, was the last of the nine so-called “sons of Toussaint,” who launched the uprising in November 1954.

The cause of death was not given, but Ait-Ahmed was said to have been ill.

SOURCE Agence France Presse

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