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Al Abadi reaffirms his commitment towards religious authority

THE LEVANT – Assigned Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Abadi confirmed his commitment to the directives of the Supreme Religious Authority, which is to ensure the unity of Iraq and the Iraqis.
Dr. Abadi stressed in a press statement, the commitment to fight corruption and eradicate it, “that’s what we confirmed in our government program , as well as to eliminate the negatives and to lead the country to safety.

He also stressed his commitment to unify the Iraqi people and to eliminate terrorism and build their home.

Dr. Abadi highly appreciated the call of the religious authority to the political blocs to cooperate with him to form the government, noting that it will be a great motivation for the formation of the government on the basis of competence, integrity and rid the country of the security, political and economic problems taking place in Iraq.

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