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Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange holds ‘strategic’ workshop

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, ADX, recently held a workshop to discuss the preparation and updating of the Exchange’s current strategic plan. The workshop was attended by Khalifa Salem Al Mansouri, Acting Chief Executive of ADX, Board Members and Executive Management members of ADX.

Khalifa Salem Al Mansouri, Acting Chief Executive of ADX, during the workshop, which was also attended by Board Members and Executive Management members of ADX, said, “This workshop is held at a time when it is necessary to review and update our strategic plans in line with the rapid developments in the world. Our wise leadership lays great importance in building strategic plans of all government entities, both federal and local, as well as in ensuring to present them to all the concerned parties, partners and employees.”

During the workshop, the senior management of ADX reviewed the initiatives, objectives and timeline of the strategy, the latest trends in stock markets in the region and around the world, and identified the most important challenges to overcome. This is part of ADX’s commitment to the Abu Dhabi Plan, which aims to develop the financial services sector in the Emirate and enhance the competitive environment for business and attract investments.

Al Mansouri highlighted the importance of the workshop in opening discussions on global trends in international stock exchanges, foremost of them being FinTech and the future of infrastructure for financial markets. He said, “FinTech and advanced technologies, especially Blockchain, play a pivotal role in changing the way trading and financial markets are managed, and in this workshop we studied these variables and identified steps to include them in the ADX’s strategy to keep pace with these variables and lead the next phase to achieve greater successes and excellence for the Exchange.”

The workshop also deliberated the strategic directions adopted by stock exchanges around the world, as well as the implications of these decisions, with an overview of the results of achieving the past strategy. Additionally, key messages, next steps, and outputs of the market strategy were also discussed.

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