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13 Palestinians are arrested in the West Bank

THE LEVANT – The Israeli Occupation Forces arrested 13 Palestinians this morning in the West Bank cities of Hebron and Nablus.

The Palestinian Prisoners Society reported that the IOF arrested ten Palestinians from the Hebron governorate.

The Israeli soldiers arrested Moneer Sharar, 30 from Dura and Ashraf Abdel Jalil Hathaleen, 23 from Soear, after raiding their homes and searching the property.

Palestinian security sources reported that the Israeli army arrested the brothers Shadi and Abdel Khaleq Seder, Salah Al-Natsheh, Anas Yosief Al-Qazaz, Yazied Al-Ja’abah, Usama Al-Qwasmeh, Abdel Rahim Abu-Dayh and Islam Al-Qodsi from the city of Hebron.

In Nablus, the IOF arrested Moab Eshtayeh, Naser Eshtayeh and Mosah Hindi.

Clashes erupted in several areas of the Hebron governorate last night between the Palestinian youth and Israeli soldiers, who fired tear gas and rubber bullets, causing several suffocation cases. Clashes also broke out in most of the cities of the West Bank and numerous villages.

Yesterday, Mohammad Qasim Hamamra died from his injuries after being shot in the head the day before by the Israeli army. Mohammad, from Husan in Bethlehem, is the second martyr in the village in two days, after Mahmoud Hamamra, 32, was also killed on Tuesday with a shot to his chest.



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