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11 Daesh terrorists arrested in Iraq’s Nineveh province

At least 11 Daesh terrorists were arrested Tuesday in different parts of Iraq’s northern Nineveh province, according to local police sources.

Nineveh Police Chief Hamad Namis al-Jubouri told Anadolu Agency that security forces had managed to capture Hussein Salim Yassin Mustafa, who had been in charge of recruitment for the terrorist group.

“Based on Mustafa’s confession, three other Daesh terrorists were also arrested,” he said.

According to al-Jubouri, Nineveh police rapid-reaction forces arrested seven other wanted Daesh members in a separate operation conducted in Mosul, Nineveh’s provincial capital, within the last 72 hours.

Late last year, officials in Baghdad declared that Daesh’s military presence in Iraq had been all but destroyed.

Security forces, however, continue to carry out frequent mopping-up operations with a view to eradicating the lingering terrorist presence, especially in northern and western Iraq.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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